July 28, 2014  
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5101 South Shields 
Oklahoma City, OK 73129
Phone: (405) 616-5500 
Fax: (405) 616-5511 
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Oklahoma City
Welcome to Oklahoma City, Capital of the New Century. Here, city leaders and citizens had a vision. A far-reaching vision that's led Oklahoma City into a new frontier of urban innovation. It's a pioneering work in progress, and a driver of unprecedented growth and change. Today, this very city stands as a vision...accomplished. A billion-dollar renaissance has seen sweeping changes and improvements across nearly every sector. Significant downtown business development has accompanied the renovation of convention, cultural and educational sites. Landmark projects such as the mile-long Bricktown Canal have infused a new life and vibrancy into the Southwest's fastest-growing entertainment district. And neighborhood programs citywide have helped restore historic homes and buildings to their original luster. Oklahoma City is going places, and so are its people. They're off to the ballet. Museums. Theatre. Golf courses. Philharmonic. Malls. To the lake, zoo, theme park and the big game. This is an active, activity-filled city. One that enables its residents to enjoy an exceptional quality of life. The mild climate offers year-round sunshine. There's low traffic congestion and low pollution. Plus an abundance of arts. Excellence in education. A variety of recreation. And an ever-broadening cultural landscape. No wonder Places Rated Almanac cited Oklahoma City as one of the "Best Places To Live In North America." It's affordable. It's desirable. It is...a better living, a better life.

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